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Molkki's February 17th Written Update


Molkki Written Update Feb 17: Karan instructs the bartender to add alcohol into Purvi's juice before locking her in the bathroom and allowing her to drown in the bathtub. Check this article for more info about Molkki Watch Online.

Virender tells Purvi that she should go to the party since the kids will be happy and no one will refer to her as a 'behenji.' The youngsters then yell at her to come to the party, threatening to stop talking to her if she does not. Purvi then accepts and begs Virender to look after the children and tell them to be good. Continue reading to learn about Molkki's written update for the February 17 show.

Molkki's February 17th Written Update

Purvi and Sudha are on their way to the party.

Gayatri complements Purvi and Sudha on their appearance as they arrive at the celebration. Meanwhile, they come across a boy proposing to a female, and Purvi inquires as to what they were up to. Sudha then explains that today is Valentine's Day, and that one should present a rose to their partner to show their love. She then instructs her to call Virender, who will then bring her a rose, which Purvi thinks is impossible. Gayatri then enters and invites them to dance, but they decline and tell her to leave alone.

The bartender receives a cheeky gesture from Karan.

Sudha then becomes thirsty and asks Purvi if she would like anything as well. Sudha walks to the bartender to request juice, but Karan laughs at her and encourages her to order something different. Purvi goes on to claim that they would rather drink juice. Karan then walks away, slyly approaching the bartender and requesting that something be mixed into their juice. They both go with their juice, and Purvi begins to feel disoriented after a time. Sudha backs her up. Purvi then notices a few girls shooting selfies and wonders what they're up to. Sudha then informs us that they are photographing. She goes on to explain that she will do the same and that they will take pictures together. Purvi then becomes dizzy and walks to the bathroom, followed by Karan and his pals. She then passes out in the restroom, prompting Karan to seek vengeance.

Virender protects Purvi from Karan's attempt to drown her.

While Purvi is unconscious, Karan fills the bathtub with water. They all lock the bathroom door behind her and leave her inside. Virender appears out of nowhere and saves Purvi from drowning, as Sudha had requested when she couldn't find Purvi anywhere. He then drives her home, and she continues to thank him despite her sickness, mentioning that he did not even give her a rose. She then carries a heart-shaped balloon and sings a popular Bollywood song while they share a romantic moment.